How Chiropractic Services Help With Neurological Complaints

Problems with the nervous system can lead to mobility issues, pain, and vertigo among many other health problems. People that suffer from these concerns do not only want to control the discomfort or the other symptoms. Most patients search for medical treatments that will offer a solution and, for some, the relief they need is found through spinal manipulation.

Relieve Common Complaints

Skilled chiropractic care can remove the pressure on the nerves caused by a misalignment to help relieve pain. Proper alignment of the spine and the knees, shoulders, and other joints of the body enables people to move easier. A pinched nerve can even cause headaches and debilitating feelings of vertigo. People with vertigo may have difficulty with their balance that affects their walking and driving. The sensations can disrupt sleep and cause stomach upset. These concerns go away once vertigo ends.

Treat Progressive Diseases

Research has shown that chiropractors can help patients with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. A study on the potential of the treatment resulted in over 90 percent of the patients showing improvement with none of the subjects having any progression of their disease during the time of the study. Each of the patients was someone that had experienced an injury to the upper cervical spine prior to the onset of their disease. It is not a potential cure, but manipulation offers most people some level of relief.

Boost Overall Health

The removal of stress on the nervous system through spinal manipulative therapy helps to boost the immune system. Cortisol releases in response to any stress in the body and high levels of cortisol suppress the immune response. It is why people often get more colds or flu viruses when they have been through a period of tension. The treatment can remove the stress from the nervous system, but it also helps by taking away other uncomfortable symptoms and pain that can lead to elevated levels of tension.

This type of care does not replace other medical treatments but works alongside them for a more effective solution. The natural, drug-free solution can help to boost the potential of the body to heal faster as well as increase comfort levels and reduce stress. Anyone with a nagging medical concern or physical problem that has not responded well to other treatment methods should learn more about this possibility.

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